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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
6:40 pm
Hey everyone!

You like Scott McNeil? Join the newly made Scott community, scottmcneil_!

And to make this entry less of a self-promoting peice of nothing, anyone going to A-Kon?

Love and Other Indoor Sports

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Saturday, December 13th, 2003
6:57 pm
11:28 am
Let it never be said that I am neither random nor bored. I am, in fact, both.


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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003
9:11 pm
ah, it would seem this place is rather dead. that's a shame; it's got such a lovely name and premise.

i'm bored. i'm random. i'm in.

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1:19 pm
No particular order. None are mine. ^_^ Enjoy.

(Sanzo x Goku) Just when things can't get any worse, Sanzo caught a fever and was forced to spend the night in a creepy forest. There, the sick Sanzo revealed a side that Goku couldn't believe existed. Was told it was HIGHLY graphical lemon. Yaoi content.

(Goku x Sanzo) Um.. Goku got jealous over a woman's infatuation with Sanzo so he...

[Sanzo x Hakkai] Goku witnesses an intimate moment between the two older men which makes him wonder about his true feelings for Sanzo.

A Sanzo x Goku LEMON yaoi, slight bondage, slight angst, about the first time Sanzo met Goku, who was tied up all alone in a deserted rocky cave.

Hakkai yearns for something he cannot have...or can he?

LEMON Yaoi, Yuki x Kyou (or is it otherwise..?) Might contains spoilers for episode 6 of the anime, not much though. The story? Imagine this: Yuki, Kyou and a very small closet.

Imber Polus, latin for rainy heaven. A sequel of Nivalis Aether, but can be a stand alone piece. A valentines fic~ TxH, sap and angst alert!

Harry loves Gene. Gene loves Harry. So... what's the problem?

::Warnings -- m/m (shounen ai), abd its very fluffy, in a weird twisted way. Also if you don't like, don't read, I warned you that this is SHOUNEN AI, if you don't like SLASH, please don't leave any rude comments!

Set after Aizawa's attack on Shuichi. Yuki as uke.

Ryuichi has MPD and Tastuha *has* to do this. (aka pure smut)

Something has happened, and Shuuichi's life is slowly slipping away...

Dragon Knights fic. (They don't have a category for it!!!) In the 4th book, Rath killed Bierrez, right? Wrong! Bierrez proves that he’s alive and well to Rath in a very interesting way...

Rath, Rune, and Thatz, after being sent on a mission by the dragon lord, are trying to find their way back to Draqueen, again. But on their long journey, hidden feelings arise and dark secrets are told...

DK fic. Sequel to “If Only One Night”. It’s St. Patrick’s Day at the castle! Bierrez x Rath.

In which we find out why Ford bothered to save Arthur.

3 unlucky people MST Final Fantasy VIII

AU:Seifer is an actor and he isn´t happy with his live. His live starts to change after he meet a strange blonde boy. But a secret surrounds him. Is he responsible for the murders on the film location? (yaoi Seifer/Zell). Warning: X-trem-Rinoa-bashing.

After leaving Balamb, the group accepts Seifer and takes him out for nights on the dance floor. He and Squall become good friends, can it develop into something more?

[Seifer x Squall yaoi] Squall visits Seifer at the orphanage with surprising consequences

Laguna and Kiros spend a quiet night in. Slash.

Squall is attracted to Irvine who is interested in someone else, so Squall enlists the help of Zell. *Yaoi* Lemon Sap Pairing: Squall x Zell.

Zells loses someone dear to him and he does not cope with her death very well. Original character death. Eventual Squall x Zell pairing. Spoilers if you have never played the game before.

Sq/Z, AU- Squall is a newly turned Vampyre hating what he is. While he’s being hunted by his exlover, Seifer, Squall crosses paths with a young whore named Zell

A few years after the game, Irvine decides that he needs to start seeing a shrink to deal with his 'Garden Issues'. However, it just so happens that his shrink needs him for. . .different things. A funny, quirky, smutty Irvine/Seifer fic!

*yaoi* Snake and Otacon get trapped in a locker onboard the Big Shell, and confess their feelings for each other. However, somebody is watching them...

Kagetsuya knows his days with Chihaya might be numbered. Angsty with slight citrus

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Sunday, March 9th, 2003
2:54 am
Ah yes.
You know you wanna post.

I know you know you wanna post.

Boredness. I'm looking for a place for good Fruits Basket info and fanfiction. Thanks muchly. ^_^-

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